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My practice is located in the small village of Deanshanger situated 10 minutes north of Milton Keynes, between Buckingham and Towcester, and a 30-60 minutes' drive from Aylesbury, Bedford, Bicester, Biggleswade, Buckingham, Banbury, Coventry, Daventry, Kettering, Luton, Northampton, Oxford, St. Albans, Stevenage, Rugby and Watford.

I recognise that it is a privilege to treat you. This is an opportunity to improve the health of you and your family at an affordable rate. I am qualified with The College of Practical Homeopathy in London I offer treatment to all members of the family whilst being fully insured.

See below for information about practice hours, fees and location.

Practice Hours

Consultations are available on the following days:

  • Tuesdays 7.30 p.m. onwards
  • Wednesdays 7.30 p.m. onwards
  • Thursdays 7.30 p.m. onwards
  • Saturdays: 9.30 a.m. until the evening
  • Sundays 9.30 a.m. until the evening

Phone calls outside of regular appointment times may be made to 07533300981. Please be aware that this service is not for medical emergencies. When I am in the session or outside of my practice hours you will often get my voicemail. Please do leave a message and I will do my best to phone you back as soon as I can unless your message tells me otherwise.

During day times or should I not be available soon enough, phone the Homeopathic Helpline on 09065-343404. Calls will be charged at £1.55 per minute but the team is very experienced and fast. This is an independent service and not part of my practice. Alternatively – in urgent cases – contact your GP, NHS Direct or the emergency service. Please do not hesitate if you think the situation is critical.

I offer WhatsApp, Signal, Skype or Zoom video appointments to patients living further afield.

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Fees include and reflect the time needed post consultation for the case analysis to determine the correct individual prescription and the remedies. Fees are exempt of postage costs, skin creams, supplements and tinctures, all of which may be recomended to compliment your treatment.

An increasing number of health insurers will cover treatment costs; please check your policy.

Consultation Fees For UK Residents:

  • £85 adults 1st appointment
  • £60 adults follow up appointment
  • £65 children up to 12 years old 1st appointment
  • £50 children up to 12 years old follow up appointment

Fees are inclusive of all the homeopathic remedies and postage if your appointments are no more than 6 weeks apart. If you need to order a top up remedy and you are outside of your appointment timescale the fee is £25 per remedy set and additional cost of the postage fees may be applicable.

If you need more time than your consultation slot allows, this will mean an additional charge at the follow up appointment rate and a clear advanced notice will be given to you.

For non UK residents additional postal and other charges may apply, all of which I will clarify in advance.

Other Fees:

Bio Scan: £55 unless a part of an ongoing treatment.

Postage: £4.45 unless otherwise stated.

Cancellation charge: £30 unless 48 hours’ notice is given which enables me to offer the appointment to someone else.

House visits to patients who are unable to travel with a mileage cost of 45p/mile can be arranged. Please note there will be an additional cost for the travel time incurred, depending on the distance required to travel, in addition to the cost of the homeopathic treatment.

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Please note that I cannot accept debit or credit cards.

For your first appointment please settle the bill by a bank transfer at the time of the booking.

For the follow up appointment please settle the bill by a bank transfer no later than 48 hours prior to the consultation date.

If your payment at the time of service is extremely difficult, please discuss this with me prior to your appointment.

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