Thank You For Considering Homeopathic Treatment.

Determining the proper remedy involves investigating and evaluating all the subjective and objective symptoms that you are experiencing in the context of your individual life circumstances and environment.

I make every effort to keep to my schedule. Please do your best to be on time for your appointment. If you happen to be late, the visit will be shortened or may need to be rescheduled.

Please note that occasionally, my appointments do run late. While I try hard to avoid this, sometimes a patient requires a little more attention. Your patience is appreciated if this happens.

Before The Session

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Please note that all information provided is kept in the strictest confidence according to the laws of Homeopath – Patient confidentiality.

You can expect your first consultation to last between 60 to 90 minutes.

If the treatment is for your your child please be sure to bring your child's red book with you.

For your first appointment please settle the bill by a bank transfer at the time of the booking. For cash payments all patients are required to pay at the time of service.

Please note that I cannot accept debit or credit cards.

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During The Session – The Chief Complaint

We will begin by discussing your chief complaint, which is the issue that brought you to seek homeopathic treatment in the first place.

Besides investigating the mental, emotional, and physical symptoms affecting you, I will look into your past history in detail, from your family medical history, your mother's preganancy, your early childhood until the present day. This will include life changing experiences and incidents that have changed the course of your life in all ways, whether it’s the mind or body.

All of this is done to better understand when was the last time you were healthy and to better understand your constitution and your case.

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End Of The Session

After gathering enough information regarding you and your complaints, you may expect two things from a homeopathic session to happen.

If the case is clear enough that I already know which homeopathic remedy works best, I will inform you of the remedy choice straight away. If I have the remedy in stock I will give it to you to take home straight away with instructions on how to take it. If I don't have stock and I need to order the remedy I will let you know once it's ready and you may collect your remedy at my house, or I will post it to you with instructions on how to take the remedy.

If the case needs analysis, I will work on your case after you leave and make a prescription and either you may collect your remedy at my house, or I will post it to you with instructions on how to take the remedy.

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Follow-up appointments help me assess your progress and evaluate your response to the remedy and whether to “tweak” your remedy or change it all together. They usually go anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months after the initial consultation and taking the prescribed remedy depending upon the individual characteristic of each person’s progress and last around 30 minutes.

Sometimes, a follow-up appointment seems unnecessary when you feel good and are making progress but even when you are doing well or continuing to make progress, it is important to keep your follow-up appointment.

We are all used to the conventional idea of going to the doctor only when we are sick. However, my observation has been that those patients who return for their regularly scheduled follow-up appointments complete their Homeopathic treatment in a shorter time and with better results and quite often reach an improvement and lasting change in their overall health and well-being which allows their bodies to take care of its needs naturally without the crutch of constant medical care.

For the follow up appointment please settle the bill by a bank transfer no later than 48 hours prior to the consultation date.

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